This outfit was established to provide business solutions designed to improve the performance of organizations in Kenya and beyond. If all organizations shall archieve optimal performance, there needs to be established structures which support this growth. It is, for this reason we would like to join the other many organizations with a kind vision and move the business world in Kenya forward.

To archieve this, we endeavour to always source for quality and cost efficient products and services as well as advising you on the best practice available. Most importantly...

INFAITH AGENCIES LIMITED, is a unique entity. In our service provision, we like to approach issues in a different perspective; because we believe that integrity is the key to success for the individual, the organization and the country.

We are guided by the following values:-

  • Integrity - because of our faith in God
  • Fairness - in customer service
  • Excellence - as a result of unparalled accountability
  • Professionalism - in all our operations which is achieved by the great teamwork
  • Constant Improvement